Programme for conference

Programme for conference

Risk ASEAN conference

25 April 2019 | The Majestic Hotel Kuala Lumpur




Chairperson opening remarks


Keynote address: Stabilizing the Malaysian economy under the new administration


CRO panel: Thriving in an era of change and upheaval

  • Identifying core risk issues: AML, regulatory hurdles and cyber security
  • Data management amidst the rising demand for risk data analytics and meeting regulatory requirements
  • The use of  AI and robotic technologies in risk 
  • Talent management – tackling talent shortage and retention challenges


Panel discussion: Derivatives 2.0 – is ASEAN ready for the new challenges?

  • Market appetite in the ASEAN region: identifying new trends and opportunities 
  • The impact of the constant market volatility on hedging and trading activities of derivatives
  • How will trading activities of derivatives change as a result of China’s global trade friction?
  • Risk management in OTC vs. listed derivatives


Morning coffee break



Presentation:  Preparing for margin rules: learning from the developed markets

  • How ready is the ASEAN region for the final phase in of margin rules 
  • How are regional banks and buy-side firms preparing for the challenges?
  • What were the lessons learnt from the previous phases in advanced markets?
  • Best practices in efficiency and control in margin call, collateral posting and administration


Presentation:  IBOR reform – how should banks prepare for it?

  • The current state of Libor and what Asia regulators are saying about its future
  • An overview of the alternative risk free rates: How do they differ from Libor and from one another? 
  • What does the future hold for financial markets? Is one regulator-approved rate per market the right approach?
  • How can practitioners be proactive in managing this major market change?


Presentation: Risk data analytics – the most talked about

  • Latest trends on data analytics – specifically on data exploration, segmentation, statistical clustering, predictive modeling, event simulation as well as scenario analysis
  • Monitor performance through risk sensitivity analysis, model key risk events scenarios – the most risk intelligent method in developing intervention and mitigation strategies?
  • Leveraging machine learning and data analytics for advanced risk detection and prevention
  • Regulating data analytics with stress testing as a tool for systemic risk


Presentation:  Tackling the IFRS 9 data puzzle

  • What are the latest data challenges faced by most banks?
  • What are the tools that can help generate robust and accurate impairment calculations on time
  • Understanding existing risk data framework and improve adaptability
  • The essential components of a robust data and IT infrastructure



Master class: Addressing misconduct in capital markets 

  • Identifying good conduct, compliance and risk management practices at a strategic level
  • How can resources be used effectively to achieve balance between meeting the demands of regulation and effective risk management whilst being on top of costs
  • What are important features to get right in a conduct programme?
  • Practical tips and tools on how companies can more effectively detect conduct risk and improve risk profiling


Master class: Utilising advanced technologies for AML detection and prevention

  • Moving from a rule led to an intelligence-led AML detection system
  • Best practices for connecting the technical aspects of cyber security with people and process risks for better monitoring and control
  • Accessing automated transaction monitoring solutions and understanding how current cyber risk management frameworks monitor, respond and investigate
  • Regulating and promoting increased information sharing between financial institutions – could this also be seen as an alternative solution?




Oxford style debate:  Is AI a risk or a way to manage risk? 


The “ASEAN VOICE” working groups

Delegates will be asked to break into 6 working groups. Each group is hosted by a renowned subject matter expert to drive industry conversations. The discussions aim at identifying key challenges and solutions as well as establishing priorities for moving the ASEAN financial industry forward. Join and enjoy the dialogue with your industry peers over coffee and refreshments!

  1. Margin rules 
  2. Risk culture 
  3. Risk talent management  
  4. AI / Machine Learning in Risk 
  5. Thirty party risk 
  6. Cyber risk


The “ASEAN VOICE” working groups – Harvest panel:

Working group hosts will join a thought-provoking panel discussion, acting as a voice to represent their respective working groups and establish way forward :

  • What are the key takeaways from each of the top industry trends?
  • What are the agreed priorities to strike a balance between risk and innovation?
  • How to embrace upcoming trends in regulations, risk management and use of disruptive technology
  • Wrap-up live polling on audience’s sentiments in future prospects of risk and innovation 


Chairperson closing remarks