Risk Live ASEAN - Thailand

To cater to the wider ASEAN region in 2024, Risk ASEAN will now take place in multiple countries, hosting roundtable events on the topics that are top-of-mind for risk, compliance and investing professionals.

Risk Live ASEAN

Asia Risk is proud to present the Risk Live ASEAN, a series of intimate events across the Asean region. The series bring together senior finance professionals from major regional and global financial institutions and regulators to analyse the impact of regulatory reforms and investigate the latest risk management strategies adopted by banks and institutional investors among the ASEAN Economic Community.


Taking place on November 19, 2024, Risk Live ASEAN - Thailand, will highlight the greater need for risk management departments to be agile, forward-thinking, and collaborative with other departments, amid continuing economic and market uncertainty.

2024 Themes

This year, the conference will be covering the following topics:

  • Risk
  • Finance & Treasury
  • Compliance
  • Data & Tech
  • Derivatives
  • Investment